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Ames, Brendan

Billinghurst, Adam

Billinghurst, Ryan

Boyes, Mark

Hughes, James

Jaeger, Peter

James, Steve

Kumar, Varinder

Morse, Nathan

Scott, Brendon

Wallace, Josh

Webber, Lee

Wilson, Brad

Wilson, Garry

Young, Harry

Young, Jackson



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Baird, Rusty

Bryson, Steven

Corrie, Trevor

Eddy, Matt

Fairbairn, Ray

Forti, Shane

Laird, Ian

Linton, Christopher

McGann, Brett

Mitchell, Thomas

Richardson (SNR), Mark

Rizk, James

Smith, Ron

Snowball, Jonathon

Turvey, Reece

Watt, Darren

Wilson, Drew


Wright, Dylan



FULL NAME:           Ian John Laird     


DATE OF BIRTH:          20/12/61


MARITAL STATUS:       Yes, to the lovely Wendy.


OCCUPATION:              Bean Counter


NICKNAME/S:             Skimma (see above) 


YEARS PLAYED AT SUNBURY UNITED (approx.):   Unfortunately not long enough (5 years)   


PREVIOUS CLUBS:        Bundoora Park CC (formerly Bundoora Repatriation Hospital CC)                                             


FAVOURITE FOOD:          Pizza (Americana with plenty of mushrooms)                               


FAVOURITE DRINK:         Hot days VB (with an occasional Bourban cleanser) / Cold days a nice red.                               


FAVOURITE TV SHOW:     TVN                              


FAVOURITE MOVIE:         The Shawshank Redemption                               


MOST ADMIRED SPORTSPERSON:  Not that I’m a fan but it would have to be Tiger Woods simply because of his domination in a sport where the spoils are normally shared around.                  


AFL CLUB YOU SUPPORT:      Richmond                                               


YOUR GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT ON THE CRICKET FIELD FOR SUCC (INDIVIDUALLY):     Scoring a hundred and taking a hat trick in the same year (hat trick in the GF which unfortunately we lost).    


YOUR GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT ON THE CRICKET FIELD FOR SUCC (TEAM):    No premierships, so it’s probably being part of the team who currently holds the greatest number of runs scored in an innings at SUCC.                   


GREATEST INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE YOU HAVE SEEN ON A CRICKET FIELD:    Professional cricket aside, dare I say, the day we were crunched by Gisborne and one of their young blokes scored 232 runs.  


FUNNIEST THING YOU’VE SEEN ON A CRICKET FIELD:   Banga off his long run.                                                       


EASIEST TEAMMATE TO STIR:   I’ve been doing it for years and nothing much has changed, has it Banga !                                            


MOST ANNOYING TEAMMATE:  Peter Woollard because he makes batting look so damned easy !                                              


TEAMMATE MOST LIKELY TO ATTEND A DAY SPA:  Mark Richardson (handsome)              


FUNNIEST TEAMMATE AND WHY:  Couldn’t single out anyone in particular but it is always amusing listening to the likes of Knighty, Gimp, Injun, Evo, Woolly, Starky, Granty (have I missed anyone ?) and Co. hanging more shit on their teammates than they dish out to the opposition.     


ONE WORD TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF: I think “Average” but Wendy insists “Meticulous” (and I think after 22 years she’d know best !!)

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