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Ames, Brendan

Billinghurst, Adam

Billinghurst, Ryan

Boyes, Mark

Hughes, James

Jaeger, Peter

James, Steve

Kumar, Varinder

Morse, Nathan

Scott, Brendon

Wallace, Josh

Webber, Lee

Wilson, Brad

Wilson, Garry

Young, Harry

Young, Jackson



Former Players

Baird, Rusty

Bryson, Steven

Corrie, Trevor

Eddy, Matt

Fairbairn, Ray

Forti, Shane

Laird, Ian

Linton, Christopher

McGann, Brett

Mitchell, Thomas

Richardson (SNR), Mark

Rizk, James

Smith, Ron

Snowball, Jonathon

Turvey, Reece

Watt, Darren

Wilson, Drew


Wright, Dylan

Name:                    Kevin Cartwright

Age:                       51

Marital Status:       Married

Nickname/s:          Hoss

Star Sign:               Pisces

Previous Clubs:      

St Francis de Sales CC,  North Melbourne CC, Broadmeadows Sub District CC       


Favourite Food:      Chicken


Favourite Drink:      Beer  


Most Valued Possession :      My cricket bat

Occupation:              Assistant freight manager


First Job:                  Clerk     

First Car:                  HK Holden


Four People You Would Invite To Dinner:   

Megan Gale, Robin Williams, Richard Branson, Roger Podolczak

Favourite Holiday Destination:  South Pacific Islands

AFL Club You Support:   Western Bulldogs   


Other sporting teams you support :    Australian cricket team  

Sporting Hero :              Don Bradman  

Hobbies/Interests Outside Cricket:  Travel


Teammate Most Likely To Google His Own Name:    Roger Podolczak

Teammate Most Likely To Enter Politics:     Roger Podolczak

One Word to Describe Yourself:     Competitive



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