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Saturday 17th April 2010 - Presentation Night

Stuart Wilson & Stephen James after receiving         Andrew Powell was presented with the

their life memberships                                                Best Clubman award by Garry Wilson

Life Members and the Executive after receiving their Yearbook

Ryan Billinghurst and Matthew Anderson                 Trevor Morrison and Neville Thorne received

received 10 year certificates from                           Appreciation Certificates from coach

President Adam Billinghurst                                      James Hughes

Coaches Award - Shane Farquhar                               Duck Award - Tim Boxall

                                                                                   Agro, Dunny & Haydos took out 1st prize in the

Bag Award - James Hughes                                       Racing Competition

Kevin Cartwright presented milestone Games plaques to (l to r):

Adam Smith (250); Lee Webber (250); Rob Hyatt (200); David Drummond (100); Peter Jaeger (100);

Troy Eden (100); Ben Powell (150)

Kevin Elliott Memorial Award for Club Champion - James Hughes

Participants and organisers of the pre-season teamwork exercise

McIntyre Cup

Greg Duncan Memorial Award for McIntyre Cup bowling - James Hughes with

presenters Kathy & George Duncan.

Batting Average - Steve Grey

MVP - Semi Final - Troy Eden                                          MVP - Grand Final - Ryan Billinghurst

Century page - James Hughes                                             Century page - Steve Grey


B Grade

Bowling Average - Hayden Kyte                                       Batting Average - Paul Deeble

Century page - Paul Deeble                                                6 Wicket page - Hayden Kyte

C Grade

Bowling Average - Mark Bitmead                                            Batting Average - Mark Boyes

MVP Semi Final - Matthew Anderson                              MVP Grand Final - Mark Bitmead


Karen and Sandra were thanked for their efforts in the canteen.

Guests enjoying themselves

The trophies




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